Brian Pearson brings an incredible package of talents to the table -- musician, writer, film maker, playwright, social activist, entrepreneur, and arts administrator.  Perhaps best of all, he's genuine and likeable, a true people person.  Brian has a terrific ability to organize, explain, inspire or nudge as needed.  Drawing from his diverse experiences, strong work ethic and caring personality, Brian will succeed in whatever he tackles.  Michael Decker, Head of the Guitar Department, Towson University; teacher and mentor since 1974

Student comments

"I was 6 years old when I saw Arlo Guthrie.  I wanted to be that guy, playing that guitar, telling a story. I asked my father to buy me a guitar, and I started lessons with Brian at six years old. I am eighteen now, and Brian still holds a prominent position in my life.  What defines Brian as a teacher is his unique compassion for his students.  I was an incredibly stubborn student and my passions for different genres would radically change as I grew up.  But Brian was always able to adapt for me.  Some days we would examine Jimmy Hendrix or AC/DC, other lessons I wanted to play a complicated allegro on a classical guitar.   He inspire me in whatever musical direction I was headed.  Brian was the teacher I needed him to be, and most importantly, the friend I needed him to be.  This is how all student teacher experiences should be defined, and Brian is the teaching paragon."                                                                                                                        Harry Rosenthal, 18 Student at George School                      

"We have been taking classical guitar lessons from Brian since 2000.  They take place in a comfortable and friendly environment and Brian makes everyone feel at ease no matter what level they're at.  Lessons are both productive and fun and emphasize the musicality of the guitar, not just playing the notes.  We have had several opportunities to perform in trios and quartets such as at the Classical Guitar society of Philadelphia.  For anyone who loves music and wants to learn something new and fun, we would highly recommend these guitar lessons."                           Amanda, 15 and Kathy Woodward, Daughter and Mother

"I had piano lessons with Brian Pearson at a very young age. These lessons were incredibly fun, engaging and kindled my interest in music. In middle school I wanted to pick up the guitar, so I once again went to take lessons from Brian. These lessons were also very fun, and at the same time very productive.  Now, I’m studying music at college, and I have studied with over ten different teachers on five different instruments. Looking back I realize that Brian was one of the best teachers I have ever had. He made learning music exciting, while at the same time creating an environment where I excelled and learned a lot of music. I would recommend that anyone looking to take music lessons go to Brian."                                                                                      Ryan Woodward, 19  Student at Susquehanna University

"I’ve been taking lessons from Brian since 2006. My original goal with Brian was to learn how to read standard notation for the guitar as well as become more knowledgeable about music theory.   I not only have reached my original goal, but have accomplished so much more.  At one point, the thought of playing classical guitar in front of others terrified me.  I have now gotten to the point where I have performed at the Philadelphia Classical Guitar Society’s annual festival.  I also play in a variety of ensembles that Brian leads.  Under Brian’s guidance, I have gained the confidence to be able to do these things and truly enjoy doing them.  I credit this to the warm, safe, encouraging and thoroughly enjoyable environment that Brian has created for me and others taking lessons." Cindy Ruenes, Arts Outreach Program Manager and Registered Nurse

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